Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apology accepted

We've receive an email from mustachemilk@gmail.com (the person who created the fake account), and we tried to reply but we guess that you deleted your email already? Okay here's the email,

We couldn't reply you, so we will reply it to you here:

Hello mustachemilk,

It is not a serious matter if you had clearly stated there for educational purposes or at least asked for our permission first to copyright our stuffs/products/photography and to let us know about it (the most important thing). The photography is also not 100% owned by Ralaglitz but it is also owned by the photographer itself. So because of that you've copyright both sides, (and in the same time made the photographer mad too).

Several people were confused about it and thought that we had a 2nd link. We recently had emails asking and telling us about your website.

Copying things from sites or companies, etc without referencing can always be an issue for plagiarising other people's content. Even Ralaglitz is only a Blogshop, not a big company like Topshop, MNG, or whatever.. but copyrighting other people's work/things without permission is a disgrace.

So I hope you won't do the same mistake again. We appreciate that you confronted us about it. Really.



*We're glad that they confronted us and I hope that everyone can take this as a lesson, don't just copyright things freely, seek for permission or inform blogshops about what you're doing with details so that misunderstandings won't happen.

Take care! xx

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